About Our Sizing

Letters, not numbers.

Costuming for stage and film has historically involved some degree of ignoring societal gender standards. From Shakespearean gender-bending of roles, to contemporary drag performance, and mixing genders to double-cast and fill out stage ensembles, there has always been a need for traditionally-gendered clothing to fit other genders.


In recent years, understanding of the diversity of human life has also increased, and we recognize the need to eliminate the gender-labeled and size-shaming standardization that exists within the garment industry as a whole. With this in mind, we have made every effort to eliminate gender-specific words, terms like "extra" in regards to sizing, and include as many options as possible in our inventory to accommodate customers who might otherwise feel left out by other companies. 

It's a small change, we know. We want our costumes to make everyone feel special. Thank you for following with us on our journey to get there.

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